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Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer duties

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

A DPO is an individual who, in the most general terms, is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the personal data protection law. They are appointed by the Personal Data Controller (PDC). It is worth noting that the PDC function is permanent. An employee performing the duties of the PDC cannot delegate their responsibility to others, but may designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and transfer specific tasks to them. It is also possible to appoint a deputy and to transfer the duties to an external company, that is to outsource DPO duties. The Polish Personal Data Protection Office (Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, UODO) accepts outsourcing of DPO duties by enterprises as a proven service that allows businesses to offload the burden of ensuring that they are operating in compliance with personal data protection legislation.

As part of outsourcing of the DPO duties, our company provides, among others:

constant contact with the officer and supervision over proper data protection within the company,
representing the Client in dealing with the Personal Data Protection Office,
updating and monitoring of documentation,
preparing and maintaining records of data sets,
providing personal data protection training,
conducting personal data audits,
developing internal procedures that are in line with the company’s profile and organisational structure,
granting and recording of authorisations,
ongoing legal advice concerning personal data protection.

We establish the detailed scope of our responsibilities individually with our clients, adapting the nature and manner of our activities to their specific needs. The price list for our services is then based on the established scope of duties.

Benefits of working with an external company

Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer duties is gaining popularity because it offers businesses numerous benefits. The most important include:

  • focus on the core business – the Client may concentrate exclusively on business development and work within their own industry. They do not have to devote their time to overlooking the company’s procedures and employees’ activities related to personal data protection.
  • saving time and resources – the business owner does not need to employ an additional person, which would require preparing a suitable position and work station and providing remuneration. What is more, employees that are already on board are not burdened with the additional responsibilities of information security controllers and can devote all their time to fulfilling their professional duties.
  • guarantee of permanence and continuity of service – outsourcing the DPO duties ensures continuity in the performance of the controller’s responsibilities. If a company employs a single person to fulfil these duties and they are absent from work, their tasks are put on hold. If our employee is absent due to illness or maternity leave, their tasks are immediately delegated to another employee, equally experienced and competent.